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What I get to publish... [08 Apr 2016|06:41am]

This is huge deal for the area because what they faced in 2013. I am going to see if I can talk with members of Avarice who are still active with heavy metal to cut a score based on the story from what happened in Diamond, Illlinois, back in 1883. I am planning to take a trip to the Historical Society in Grundy county with the pdf in their hand and for their eyes only for right now until the introduction is ready, I want to thank Coal City Public Library District for entrusting me with the story from the newspaper from the era and I am trying to find the identity of that reporter or reporters so I can property attribute them.
     Those of you who are from the area and read this from their website this is the first time using 21st centry technology to have it looking like it was from 1883 or the fonts from the era using typesetting technology that only a word processor can give as the blog also can give this effect too. This weird little village houses a heavy metal band as I will feature them on The writer of that news story has an eerie resemblance to Edgar Allan Poe but I don't think Poe lived into the 1880s as this one piece I am guessing they were about the age of Poe when it was written as I had read this with the referrence department -- I wonder if the Poe Museum should read this thing to see Poe's influence on the article. It is weird when you're a horror writer and this story is overlooked as my cousin got on me for ignoring it as this well when I saw the historicial marker I didn't think much of it until recently.Keep going if you want...  )

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