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This is cool: What can I say? [25 Sep 2015|03:09pm]

I had caught the plagiarist, Robert Baupader with my novel Game Over. I am happy to say this is back in circulation. I had to use Google Drive to fix this one because that that was not very easy process because he had some help stealing this one. I had caught someone attempting to piraate this release too and I am not very pleased how someone is so willing to try to get current releases as either stripped e-books or unfinished works. It's safe to say that Jet Berelson has his work cut out for him as I am sure J. C. is the one who can't take raw journalism in it's true form. The revised version with the new fonts makes this novel about 86 pages in the 6 x 9 trade paperback version. I noticed someone bitched because they didn't like being placed on the spot; but I am guessing that the one who complained covered up for Robert L. Baupader as did Joseph Ripple has. The plagiarized version of the book is known as Gayme Over and aspects he "edited" were the title from one of the fictional stories in the magazine within the pages the version he did is known as "Impaled Beauty Oueen" when it was Impaled Beauty Queen. I had to do a lot of this in Google Docs and Open Office as I am sure Carl N. Brown is one of AngryInIllinois patsies. Keep going; I am sure you want to right? )

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