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Well some updates. [19 Sep 2015|08:22am]

As I am working on new material it's been awhile since I posted here though An Author's Blog as now you can read this blog from I want all you to see how this looks from that journal when it's ready too as this will be completely interactive in the way it's done too. This is my company's statement if you want to read this as I had made a way to include script from the blog on this page but haven't tested this out yet. I will also have this done in a way where you can also read what's on my account over here too if you want.
     I had made my mission statement public for the company as I figured out how to make everthing shown on the public pages; I need to make them 13 and over but use disgression with Lake Fossil Press because I do use strong language. Click here to read my company's mission statement, Why Are We Uncensored as I am happy to say the new collection is live and about to have an edited credit to me that's a novel for another author. Stick around to see how this looks because I went above and beyond with this one.

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