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(This) SSN Is Not A Playing [03 Apr 2015|10:16am]

Sarah Jane Ferridge and others who are twitter fail to understand how someone's XXX-XX-XXXX is not a plaything – when I yelled at someone on for thinking going after someone's XXX-XX-XXXX is a fucking joke. I am sorry I don't see the humor in going after this – I reported Brian Keene tothe Federal Trade Commission and working on a brand new story right now as I am released a freebee from the 2010 era that's a rejection letter piece. It comes to my attention that Jonathan Echevarria is the one responsible for locking me out of my twitter account; that was 48 hours ago as this blog was first composed on March 27, then parts added as I look more into the crime of Identity Theft and noticed York County, PA has more arrests for this than one can imagine.
     “You don't exist so that gives me full justification to go after your Social Security Number,” Brian Keene boasts and what he said about appearing at The Poe Museum with an alleged actor with my SSN. Claiming he's me – I am sorry he admitted to Identity Theft. I warned Lisa Morton that if she doesn't speak up about this she might be a co-defendant on the stand because her silence is a nod of approval in what Keene is doing.
     I would rather have someone's persona as a plaything than play with someone's SSN because that could fuck someone's life up. My XXX-XX-XXXX is under fraud protection now as it took me a few days to find the right channels to do this. If the thought police want to bitch, click back right now. Social justice [shit]weasals need not apply. )

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