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For Me To Speak Of Lombard... [02 Apr 2015|03:22am]

I haven’t been in Lombard now since 2007 – as I came back to the area for Halloween and made about $25.00 from just on the train selling Issue Five of my magazine. I sold off every copy I had of the magazine and I was on my last $30 00 until I got paid again. Here I am working on this new story that I am fleshing out – I never imagine I would end up with another 10,000 word monster in the short time I am working on this. Well I am asking some classmates to help me plant copies of Issue Five of my magazine or the second namesake in the cyber-café that was in Lombard back in 1997 if this is still there that is.
     This anthology I am working on is in the home stretch and I am not done yet – I am trying to convince a classmate who’s been in the area and my source about how half of the classmates remained in the area and haven’t changed worth a damn. I guess when it comes to some classmates – the witch-hunts they start are the last chance at glory they will ever have. But seems like when they’re willing to start something like this; when they go demonizing someone who did something with their life when the options were very limited to them. My question I ask, “What the fuck have you done with yourself in 20 years besides giving yourself a shocker?” Keep Going If you don't freak out first. )

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