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since I have new followers on twitter [18 Apr 2016|02:51am]

I figured I would do the blog here as it's rigged up to my web journal that reads as single entry format. Everyone knows I have a love hate relationship with twitter and with facebook. I take my time with the entry on here because I want the masses reading for while as some bloggers are becoming writers; or writers becoming bloggers. If you're looking for new reads from me go to here as they're not free but that's thing that will be a turn-off but there are plenty of free reads still on the journal. I have a new story brewing and a couple new ones underway. I will be bringing out another old read too on as you can read this here too.
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What I get to publish... [08 Apr 2016|06:41am]

This is huge deal for the area because what they faced in 2013. I am going to see if I can talk with members of Avarice who are still active with heavy metal to cut a score based on the story from what happened in Diamond, Illlinois, back in 1883. I am planning to take a trip to the Historical Society in Grundy county with the pdf in their hand and for their eyes only for right now until the introduction is ready, I want to thank Coal City Public Library District for entrusting me with the story from the newspaper from the era and I am trying to find the identity of that reporter or reporters so I can property attribute them.
     Those of you who are from the area and read this from their website this is the first time using 21st centry technology to have it looking like it was from 1883 or the fonts from the era using typesetting technology that only a word processor can give as the blog also can give this effect too. This weird little village houses a heavy metal band as I will feature them on The writer of that news story has an eerie resemblance to Edgar Allan Poe but I don't think Poe lived into the 1880s as this one piece I am guessing they were about the age of Poe when it was written as I had read this with the referrence department -- I wonder if the Poe Museum should read this thing to see Poe's influence on the article. It is weird when you're a horror writer and this story is overlooked as my cousin got on me for ignoring it as this well when I saw the historicial marker I didn't think much of it until recently.Keep going if you want...  )

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haven't updated in a while [02 Apr 2016|05:36am]

I have been busy working on new material and had to bury an uncle. Though I have a new story written and making the rounds with this then checking my e-mail and what not. If you can't catch me on for some reason or another you can find me on One of my stories has an anniversary coming up as you can read The Cabbie Homicide on I had been posting old entries up on while I am working on the new material; I am submitting around as I saw a reject letter from a few places here and there. This is one of the older entries I am letting the classmates read as they are welcome to this journal as long they can behave themselves. Keep going if you wish. )

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This is cool: What can I say? [25 Sep 2015|03:09pm]

I had caught the plagiarist, Robert Baupader with my novel Game Over. I am happy to say this is back in circulation. I had to use Google Drive to fix this one because that that was not very easy process because he had some help stealing this one. I had caught someone attempting to piraate this release too and I am not very pleased how someone is so willing to try to get current releases as either stripped e-books or unfinished works. It's safe to say that Jet Berelson has his work cut out for him as I am sure J. C. is the one who can't take raw journalism in it's true form. The revised version with the new fonts makes this novel about 86 pages in the 6 x 9 trade paperback version. I noticed someone bitched because they didn't like being placed on the spot; but I am guessing that the one who complained covered up for Robert L. Baupader as did Joseph Ripple has. The plagiarized version of the book is known as Gayme Over and aspects he "edited" were the title from one of the fictional stories in the magazine within the pages the version he did is known as "Impaled Beauty Oueen" when it was Impaled Beauty Queen. I had to do a lot of this in Google Docs and Open Office as I am sure Carl N. Brown is one of AngryInIllinois patsies. Keep going; I am sure you want to right? )

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Well some updates. [19 Sep 2015|08:22am]

As I am working on new material it's been awhile since I posted here though An Author's Blog as now you can read this blog from I want all you to see how this looks from that journal when it's ready too as this will be completely interactive in the way it's done too. This is my company's statement if you want to read this as I had made a way to include script from the blog on this page but haven't tested this out yet. I will also have this done in a way where you can also read what's on my account over here too if you want.
     I had made my mission statement public for the company as I figured out how to make everthing shown on the public pages; I need to make them 13 and over but use disgression with Lake Fossil Press because I do use strong language. Click here to read my company's mission statement, Why Are We Uncensored as I am happy to say the new collection is live and about to have an edited credit to me that's a novel for another author. Stick around to see how this looks because I went above and beyond with this one.

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New Material In The Works [08 Jul 2015|11:11am]

I am very pleased to say I can have a new anthology coming out very soon; though staff had fought me every step of the way. I haven't posted there months but when I told the truth and spoke out against Blake Judd. The one admin ousted me claiming to be a friend of his. I don't like when someone bans a person for being truthful because it makes that person really dishonest. I have new stories I written and submitted off; seen the rejection letters and what not. I told the truth and pointed something out that should be celebrated as that the truth. I don't like when I had to deal with the ones whose noses are growing longer by the day.One Year Later... The Re-Teamed  )

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(This) SSN Is Not A Playing [03 Apr 2015|10:16am]

Sarah Jane Ferridge and others who are twitter fail to understand how someone's XXX-XX-XXXX is not a plaything – when I yelled at someone on for thinking going after someone's XXX-XX-XXXX is a fucking joke. I am sorry I don't see the humor in going after this – I reported Brian Keene tothe Federal Trade Commission and working on a brand new story right now as I am released a freebee from the 2010 era that's a rejection letter piece. It comes to my attention that Jonathan Echevarria is the one responsible for locking me out of my twitter account; that was 48 hours ago as this blog was first composed on March 27, then parts added as I look more into the crime of Identity Theft and noticed York County, PA has more arrests for this than one can imagine.
     “You don't exist so that gives me full justification to go after your Social Security Number,” Brian Keene boasts and what he said about appearing at The Poe Museum with an alleged actor with my SSN. Claiming he's me – I am sorry he admitted to Identity Theft. I warned Lisa Morton that if she doesn't speak up about this she might be a co-defendant on the stand because her silence is a nod of approval in what Keene is doing.
     I would rather have someone's persona as a plaything than play with someone's SSN because that could fuck someone's life up. My XXX-XX-XXXX is under fraud protection now as it took me a few days to find the right channels to do this. If the thought police want to bitch, click back right now. Social justice [shit]weasals need not apply. )

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For Me To Speak Of Lombard... [02 Apr 2015|03:22am]

I haven’t been in Lombard now since 2007 – as I came back to the area for Halloween and made about $25.00 from just on the train selling Issue Five of my magazine. I sold off every copy I had of the magazine and I was on my last $30 00 until I got paid again. Here I am working on this new story that I am fleshing out – I never imagine I would end up with another 10,000 word monster in the short time I am working on this. Well I am asking some classmates to help me plant copies of Issue Five of my magazine or the second namesake in the cyber-café that was in Lombard back in 1997 if this is still there that is.
     This anthology I am working on is in the home stretch and I am not done yet – I am trying to convince a classmate who’s been in the area and my source about how half of the classmates remained in the area and haven’t changed worth a damn. I guess when it comes to some classmates – the witch-hunts they start are the last chance at glory they will ever have. But seems like when they’re willing to start something like this; when they go demonizing someone who did something with their life when the options were very limited to them. My question I ask, “What the fuck have you done with yourself in 20 years besides giving yourself a shocker?” Keep Going If you don't freak out first. )

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